The EMBLE AI was created to help you collect all possible information about horse behavior and extract the early trends of future disease.

The closer look at your horse behavior

Your horse health data. In your control.

The more informed you are, the more empowered you are to take action. That's why the EMBLE app helps you make sense of your horse's health.
Stay on top of your horse's health trends.
Control every horse's move.
Advanced trend analysis lets you see how health metrics like appetite, thirst, physiology, behavior, and activity change over time.
Now every move of your horse is under control. EMBLE will allow you to automatically capture and deeply analyze everything your horse does.
Don't miss pathological behavour anymore.
Your horse's unique temperament is also important for an accurate diagnosis.
There is no risk of missing pathological behavior anymore. Be informed about frequent hoof-digging, looking at the stomach, food refusal, unnatural postures, frequent lying down and getting up and etc.
Continuous observation and data analysis allow you to identify negative trends of future diseases specific to your horse's temperament.
Distance is not a problem anymore.
Smart notifications that keep you informed.
No matter where you are, whether at home or at work, get remote full access to stable from any device.
With an advanced chatbot, you will always be informed and receive real-time notifications on your phone.
Provide comfortable conditions for horses.
Control processes remotely.
Gain the ability to control the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure* inside the stable. Keep your horses comfortable in their stalls.
Manage processes in the stable remotely, such as providing feed (oats, hay), cleaning the stalls, and walking the horses.
*additional gadget required

Be the leading expert on your horse.

A horse's body is a complex system. The EMBLE app helps simplify your understanding. With it, you can organize and access a vast array of horse behavour records — and sort through it all with ease.
Share data with your horse care team.
Diagnose diseases in record time.
Sharing data from the EMBLE app can lead to richer, better-informed conversations with your horse care team. And to facilitate disease diagnostics, you can connect veterinarians to the conversation.
Use the power of big data the analysis to diagnose diseases in record time and stay informed about any changes in a horse's behavior, even if they are hard to predict.

Designed for Good.

EMBLE is not just software. It's the first step in implementing AI in veterinary care. And of course, we prioritize privacy, ensuring that the information about your horse's health is secured and protected.
Your horse's health data is safe.
Let's innovate together.
The EMBLE app lets you keep all your horse health information securely.
Universities and educators are eligible to use EMBLE for free, enhancing both their students learning process and research experiences.