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• Detect signs of disease earlier
• Minimize health risks for horse
• Reduce unexpected horse healthcare costs

Free AI for Remote Horse Health Monitoring

• Detect signs of disease earlier
• Minimize health risks for horse
• Reduce unexpected horse
healthcare costs

Introducing AI for early sings of disease detection

We use artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced computer vision (CV) to analyze complex horse behavior and physiology. This allows us to detect early signs of disease and provides insights into horsekeeping processes that were previously difficult to analyze.
EMBLE is advanced equine tracking system. It uses any low-cost camera mounted in the stall to analyze complex horse behavior and deliver critical insights.
of video data analyzed
of horse behavior available for analysis
of horse behavior research

Unleash the power of AI for effective horsekeeping

AI analyze all incoming information to detect:
• Stable processes (cleaning, feeding etc.)
• Horse physiological processes (urination, defecation, posture, behaviour etc.)
• Horse pathological behaviour (feces eating, unusual postures, hoof-digging, looking at the stomach etc)
Tranforming data to usefull information
EMBLE provides real-time personalized insights about your horse for more effective horsekeeping. If EMBLE detects patterns of pathological behavior, it immediately informs all persons who care about the horse.
Getting alerts and insights for more effective horse keeping
EMBLE uses any standard web camera to collect video and audio streams for later interactive AI analysis.
Collecting all data in stall

Understand your horse's complex behavior in real time

Objects classification
Objects classification is a fundamental aspect of computer vision. Using this technology, EMBLE can accurately identify horses, humans, hay, oats, and even detect feces on the floor. These capabilities enable comprehensive analysis of the situation within the stall.
Events detection
Event detection is an advanced technology designed to analyze events in the stall. It offers two types of events: horse behavior events and stable process events. EMBLE provides you continuously monitoring horses, detecting symptoms of diseases through analyzing behavior and physiology. It helps with differential diagnosis, gathering medical history for veterinarians, and identifying diseases.
Body landmarks construction
Body landmarks are advanced tools that provide detailed information about the horse's posture. They help track and monitor the horse's movement, aiding in the diagnosis of lameness. Additionally, they assist in analyzing the horse's performance and provide valuable feedback to coaches.
Volume & depth calculation
Volume and depth calculation technology plays a crucial role in accurately analyzing horse behavior. It estimates the 3D depth of objects and scenes, providing detailed information about horse movements for more precise analysis.


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