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Use standard security camera to monitor horse in stall and detect early signs of pathological behavior before they escalate into serious problems

Boost Your Horse Keeping Team Efficiency with Cutting-edge AI

What is EMBLE

We use artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced computer vision (CV) to analyze complex horse behavior and physiology. This allows us to detect early signs of disease and provides insights into horsekeeping processes that were previously difficult to analyze.
EMBLE is advanced veterinary tracking system. It uses any low-cost camera mounted in the stall to analyze complex horse behavior and deliver critical insights.
Hours of video
were analyzed to train AI
Events & Insights
were successfully detected
of technology research

Understand complex horse behavior in real time

Simplified individual behavior analysis
Optimized individual training productivity
Reduced unexpected care costs
Reduced health risks for horse
Increased decision making efficiency
Minimized disease detection delay

Understand complex horse behavior
in real time

Unleash the power of AI for effective horsekeeping

Objects classification is a fundamental aspect of computer vision. Using this technology, EMBLE can accurately identify horses, humans, hay, oats, and even detect feces on the floor. These capabilities enable comprehensive analysis of the situation within the stall.
Objects classification
Body landmarks are advanced tools that provide detailed information about the horse's posture. They help track and monitor the horse's movement, aiding in the diagnosis of lameness. Additionally, they assist in analyzing the horse's performance and provide valuable feedback to coaches.
Body landmarks construction
Volume and depth calculation technology plays a crucial role in accurately analyzing horse behavior. It estimates the 3D depth of objects and scenes, providing detailed information about horse movements for more precise analysis.
Volume & depth calculation
Event detection is an advanced technology designed to analyze events in the stall. It offers two types of events: horse behavior events and stable process events.
Events detection
EMBLE provides you continuously monitoring horses, detecting symptoms of diseases through analyzing behavior and physiology. It helps with differential diagnosis, gathering medical history for veterinarians, and identifying diseases.

3 steps to start getting your horse insights

First cloud-based AI platform that provides you continuous veterinary horse health supervision
Install camera
Install web camera in the stall with your horse
Connect EMBLE AI
Setup live-stream video from stall to cloud server
Get insights
Use interactive dashboards, reports and live alerts to make your horse care better


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