EMBLE 2.1 Brings a Powerful New Disease Notifications and Dashboard Page

The first update brings many exciting features. EMBLE 2.1 introduces a completely revamped Notifications system that takes equine health analysis to a whole new level. With this update, you can now access more information about the history of pathological horse behavior and analyze it in detail within seconds. Additionally, a new dashboard page allows stable owners to control all processes more comfortably.
Dashboard page
The Dashboard page allows control all the processes in the stable on one screen. We have also added new widgets like local weather and indicators that now display the progress of cleaning and feeding all stalls in the stable. This is absolutely new experience in remote stable control for stable owners and breeders.
New Critical Notifications
We redesigned the critical notifications from scratch. Now, if EMBLE detects complex pathological behavior, you can track the entire previous history in detail and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the situation.
These are all the amazing new features in the EMBLE 2.1. We hope you like the update! The update is free to all existing users.