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Use AI technology to analyze sounds and detect cough and aggression at the early stage.

Early Pig Health Threats Detection using AI

reduction in the risk of animal mortality

Introducing Piggs.AI

We employ advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning algorithms to analyze animal sounds. This enables us to detect early signs of infection and aggression (including canibalism), allowing us to respond promptly and provide farmers with increased productivity gains.
Piggs. AI is an advanced health acoustic tracking system for the predictive disease and aggression detection in pigs. It analyzes the animal's condition by sound and provide critical information for farmers.
Daily gain
average animal daily gain increase
days earlier disease detection

How Piggs.AI works

Minimize risks and improve your farm efficiency

Epidemic zones identification
Focus on the important groups of pigs
Unexpected animal losses reducing
Agression & cannibalism detection
24/7 objective animal health control
Treatment delay minimization
your farm revenue
treatment costs
Improve employee
Use exclusive pig health and wellbeing data to maximize your animal daily gain.
Detect animal health threats earlier and minimize animal individual treatments.
Help your team allocate their time on the most important tasks and groups of pigs.

Bring your business to the next level


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Provide Your Animals with 24/7 Intelligent Health Control