Provide your veterinarian 24x7 horse health remote monitoring

Connect your camera with the cloud-based veterinary AI platform to detect early colic symptoms, get live alerts, and minimize the risk of animal death.

Cutting-edge Veterinary AI to Detect Early Signs of Colic

EMBLE is a cloud-based veterinary AI platform that provides 24x7 horse health control and early disease detection.
AI algorithms analyze symptoms for early disease diagnostics
EMBLE monitors horse in stall and detects unhealthy behavior
Alert system informs horse owner and veterinarian in real-time

Every Horse Move
is under Control Now

Every Horse Move is under Control Now

Real-time Unhealthy Behavior Detection
EMBLE analyzes video using a cutting-edge DeepSound AI technology and identifies clinical signs of disease based on animal behavior in the stall.
Violations of physiological processes
Tracking abnormalities in the horse's physiological processes that signal the presence of health problems: frequency of feeding, defecation, urination, delay or absence of defecation, shape, and color of bowel movements, etc.
Change in behavior detection
Unnatural postures, digging, aimless movement, rolling on your back, looking at your stomach, restlessness, coughing, stretching your neck, shaking your head, etc.
Preliminary diagnosis of possible diseases
EMBLE analyzes all signs of unhealthy behavior of the horse and combines them into the whole picture for a preliminary diagnosis of a possible disease.
Colics syndrome detection
Acute or chronic abdominal pain (colic) accompanying equine gastrointestinal tract diseases is a frequent occurrence in veterinary medicine and, due to the high mortality rate, always requires urgent care.
Express disease diagnostics
In addition to the monitoring system, EMBLE is developing express disease diagnostics of internal organs by auscultation analysis using AI, which can be performed directly in the stall using a digital stethoscope only.
Real-time veterinarian
and owner notifications
Correct colic disease diagnostics must be made quickly and plays a critical role in effectiveness of targeted therapy. EMBLE will automatically notify the veterinarian and the owner If the symptoms of the disease are detected.
Anamnesis collecting
EMBLE will collect and provide veterinarians with objective anamnestic data that expedites diagnosis process.
Providing video data to veterinarians remotely
Veterinarian recieves video records with which were detected by the EMBLE system in addition to anamnestic data for a more objective diagnosis.
Status: Unnatural pose
Camera #1
Animal behavior analysis
Remote access
Monitor your horse health in the
Continual review, validation, and correction data makes EMBLE's AI smarter every day

Control your Horse Health Like Never Before

Get real-time alerts and notifications. Connect the veterinarian for remote diagnosis.
Real-time notifications
Objective medical history collection will help the veterinarian in fast and accurate diagnostics
Medical history collection
Violations of physiological processes indicate the presence of hidden health problems.
Physiological processes analysis
Analyze unhealthy horse behavior in the stall. Detect early colic symptoms.
Behavioral disorders detection
Live video is processing by EMBLE's AI algorithms to preliminary animal diagnostics
Preliminary colic diagnostics
24x7 real-time monitoring minimize the risk of animal colic death
Horse death risk reducing
Connect your camera to the cloud-based EMBLE platform in just 15 minutes
Compatible with most IP cameras


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