Man with horse

Control Your Horse Health Remotely

Increase horsekeeping efficiency while monitoring horse health safety before it becomes serious problem using AI computer vision enables

Simple and effective way to convert video of horse activity into actionable data

Minimized disease detection delay
Increased decision making efficiency
Reduced health risks for horse
Reduced unexpected care costs
Optimized individual training productivity
Simplified individual behavior analysis
We use artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced computer vision (CV) to analyze complex horse behavior and physiology. This allows us to detect early signs of disease and provides insights into horsekeeping processes that were previously difficult to analyze
First cloud-based AI platform that provides you continuous veterinary horse health supervision

3 Steps to start getting your horse insights

Install web camera in the stall with your horse
Install camera
Use interactive dashboards, reports and live alerts to make your horse care better
Get actionable data
Setup live-stream video from stall to cloud server
Setup video


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