Introducing RocketSound AI™

AI-powered high-precision breath analysis technology
RocketSound AI™ is an innovative AI-powered high accuracy sound analysis technology developed by RocketMom Inc. The unique algorithms helps to monitor the human's breathing and suggest to the doctor diagnosis the early-stage diseases remotely.
intellectual detection
Simple breath test procedure
Intelligent sound pre-analysis filters enable RocketSound AI™ to perform auscultation procedure faster and easier. It gives the opportunity for any person to independently analyze the lungs.
High accuracy
High precision breath analysis
The sound analysis algorithm allows you to analyze and diagnose lung complications with a probability of up to 95%. It makes possible for a doctor to diagnose a disease remotely.
Volumetric information
Volumetric sound analysis
The RocketSound AI™ algorithm uses additional sound and physical parameters and provides an opportunity of volumetric sound analysis of the child's lungs.
Hypersensitive diagnostics
RocketSound AI™ technology is highly sensitive, allowing you to detect lung complications even when the human ear cannot hear them.
Hybrid Learning Algorithms
RocketSound AI™ technology uses hybrid learning algorithms that enable it to constantly improve itself. With constant use, this allows mom and doctor to monitor the dynamics of the child's recovery during illness. And reduce the risk of chronic forms of the disease.